Locally-Owned Ski Haus Expands into Framingham, MA

Ski Haus Jumps into New Territories

It was a jointly-happy coincidence that a mainstay business like Summit Ski Shop went up for sale around the same time Ski Haus was looking to expand. While Ski Haus’ current locations in Salem, NH and Burlington, MA are successful in their own right, they wanted to expand and offer more locations to serve clientele who prefer to shop locally owned stores while promoting outdoor lifestyles.

Summit Ski Shop has been a local favorite in the Framingham community since 1998, serving happy customers through long New England winters. Now, they’re thrilled, and we hope you will be, too, that their legacy will continue through locally-owned, Ski Haus.

It’s interesting to note how much these two stores have in common: Ski Haus and Summit have both won numerous awards, sharing titles such as Snowsports Industries of America’s Retailer of the Year award and New England Ski and Snowboard Rep Associations Ski Shop and Snowboard Shops of the Year.