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Adult Custom Fittings

Custom boot fittings are not available during the summer season. Please come back in September 2022!

Buying ski or snowboard boots is not at all like buying a pair of shoes.  Ski and snowboard boots require very technical measurements that should be determined by a trained expert who can customize your fit and tweak with padding, footbeds and insoles as needed. Most likely, you will also require continuous tweaking on your boots and equipment throughout the season(s).


Therefore, we do not sell ski or snowboard boots online, as we guarantee a custom fit for all our boots sold. 


Ski Haus measures each foot, assesses your ability and mechanics, eventually landing on the most comfortable fit for our local customers. If you are not near a Ski Haus location, we highly recommend you visiting your local ski shop before purchasing ski boots online. It's a very "risky" online purchase!


In the area?

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