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Keeping your snowboard and skis waxed not only protects your investment, but improves your rides for the season. Why?

The surface of your skis and/or snowboard will form a thin layer of water with every use. A waxed surface protects from scratches, dry-outs and cracking. Makes sense that a smooth surface = smooth rides!


Ski Haus | NOTB uses only the best wax for your needs—for protective storage and/or during the season. No matter if you’re a beginner or expert, you definitely need to have your equipment waxed before summer storage with a special hot wax. Yet, many people like to wax throughout the season—to maintain agility, speed and easier, sharper turns. 


Ski Haus | NOTB will assist you anytime during the winter season with free waxes (with purchase), fast turnarounds and hands-on, mechanical waxing.

No Appointment Necessary For Professional Waxing—All 3 Locations