A proper fitting, mounting & regular tune-ups for your skis and/or snowboard
are somewhat like a recipe for consistency in safety, fit, feel & function.

Simply start with the best equipment, bindings & mountings to meet
to meet your personal taste and experience. And for best results,
leave these services to professionals.

Ski Haus and NOTB Snowboard technicians are highly-skilled in
fittings, mountings and bindings (as well as in their favorite snow-sports).
Our in-house techs are trained and certified for all types of equipment and experience
—from novices to racers.
So, unless you're highly trained yourself,
it's best not to make these critical adjustments yourself.

Whether you're buying new equipment or refreshing your current,
make sure to be prepared for safe, fun travels.
Select A Professional Service from Ski Haus | NOTB