A Buyer's Journey

A Buyer's Journey

Posted by Kelly Pilla, EVP Ski Haus on Nov 15th 2022

So it’s November 8th voting day and I’m in Denver looking at Obermeyer for the 2023/24 season. Driving to the iconic brands showroom, we get lost and have a mini tour of the burbs of Denver. There were several buyers in the car from around the country.

While driving we discussed colors and kids. What they wear, how old they act at such young ages and what will they want to wear next year 2023/24 season. We all agreed that children are the decision makers on what clothing they want to wear. So how do we give them what they want? All while making Mom and Dad happy, too…? 

Where do we find inspiration for this next generation of great skiers and riders? Relying on a legacy ski brand like Obermeyer to suss out most of the trends on color and function is a great help along with taking clues from the prior season sales; while also pulling inspiration from trends in the fashion, home and auto industries. Ok, mostly it is a gut reaction that comes from years of buying clothing for retail.

As buyers we are always about a year ahead of the market. We all keep our eyes on trends going on in day to day living. So, that means while the season of 2022/23 is just getting underway, I’m already plunging into the choices for the Ski Haus assortment for season 2023/24.

So, what was the take away from this visit to Obermeyer showroom for 2023/24…?

Fun, bright and functional outerwear for enjoyable outdoor winter adventures! As always this line doesn’t disappoint. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed either. But, for now we all remain in the 2022/23 season. Kids and teen outerwear from Obermeyer is fabulous this year—vibrant fabrics with adult technologies to keep your kids warm, dry and happy! Enjoy the winter season !

Kelly, Executive VP,  Ski Haus|NOTB|Patio Place